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Passion for Excellence

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.  We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.  

Read here about the mission, vision, values, and goals of Select Respiratory Services, LLC, a team of expert respiratory care practitioners who share a passion for excellence in patient care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lower the cost of health care by minimizing utilization of services and improving patient satisfaction among people with chronic cardiopulmonary disorders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to control and reverse cardiopulmonary diseases by empowering people to achieve optimal health and enhanced quality of life.

Our Values

We share a passion for excellence in patient care.
We apply the highest standards of scientific evidence in the way we care for our patients.
We believe that the best way to lower the cost of health care is to empower people with the information and resources they need to successfully manage their own health.
We live by the Golden Rule and act with integrity.
We honor the importance of every member of the healthcare team.
We recognize that cost savings and high value are essential to our future success.
We strive for continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

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Our Goals of Care

Increase value while decreasing cost.
Enhance patient satisfaction.
Improve quality of life.
Reduce hospital readmission rates.
Reduce ED and unplanned office visits.
Slow or reverse disease processes.
Restore or improve functional status.
Minimize the need for medications.

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Learn more about our team members and read what others have to say about Select Respiratory Services, LLC:
President: Victoria Florentine, BA, RRT, CCM, AE-C
Clinical Supervisor: Tina Woodyard, RCP

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