Respiratory Program Development & Project Management

High Value, Low Cost Programs Are Available For You

team-work-Select Respiratory Services specializes in Respiratory Program Development and Project Management.  Our mission is to lower the cost of health care by minimizing utilization of services and improving patient satisfaction.  A very effective and inexpensive approach to achieving this mission is by elevating our patients to their highest functional levels possible, and empowering them with the knowledge and resources they need to self-manage their own breathing disorders.  There is ample evidence to demonstrate that respiratory patients who participate in these high-value programs are at lower risk of exacerbations, rehospitalizations, and complications arising from their disease states.  They are less likely to utilize the healthcare system or mismanage their medications.

Select Respiratory Services provides expert assistance to hospitals and post-acute organizations interested in reducing readmissions and enhancing their menu of cardiopulmonary services. Let us help your organization by customizing the following evidence-based programs that best meet the needs of your patient population:

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Phases 1, 2, and 3)
• Respiratory Readmission Reduction Program for Post-Acute Institutions
• Asthma Educationclinical staff slider
• Ventilator Weaning & Trach Decannulation Programs
• Smoking Cessation
• Sleep Therapy Instruction and Management
• Noninvasive Ventilation
for Patients with Neuromuscular Disorders
• Community-Based Respiratory Health Education Classes

Select Respiratory Services will customize your program(s), coordinate the project, train your staff, assist your marketing efforts, and provide the support services you need following implementation.  We can also help you meet your staffing requirements.
Respiratory Transition Care Management
Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Your Organization
Respiratory Readmission Reduction Program for Post-Acute Facilities
Private Duty Respiratory Care at Home
Nurse and Caregiver Training
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From Hospital to Home:
Easing the Transition for Respiratory Patients and Their Caregivers