Respiratory Home Case Management

How We Ease Your Transition From Hospital to Home

Lady with walker and attendantIf you have ever entered the hospital with a serious breathing disorder, chances are you do not ever want to go back.  Unfortunately, today’s patients go home “quicker and sicker” and are often back in the hospital within 90 days of discharge, with the same diagnosis.  This is because they do not know how to successfully manage their illnesses at home.

If you were hospitalized with a breathing problem, it may take 90 days or more from the day of your discharge for you to return to good health.  With little to no follow-up after you go home, you have a high risk of being readmitted to the hospital during those critical first months.  Many patients fail to get better because they are left to fend for themselves without really understanding what they should do to ensure a good recovery.  

Because it is critical to your ongoing recovery, Select Respiratory Services makes sure that all necessary equipment, supplies, and services are in place before you go home.  We interview you and your care givers, assess you, conduct a Home Safety Evaluation, and offer practical suggestions such as where to place oxygen tanks and whether the home has adequate circuits to support advanced home medical equipment.  More importantly, we train nurses and care givers so they are prepared to care for you when you get home.

Healthy-Life-SignWith Select Respiratory Services, your Respiratory Case Manager gives careful consideration to important information regarding your special medical requirements, support structure, and unique social, cultural, and religious influences that may affect the care you wish to receive.  We work closely with you, your family, caregivers, and doctors to provide a Respiratory Care Plan that focuses on your highest possible quality of life, safety and peace of mind.  Our services are flexible and customized to meet your unique and changing needs.

Frequent follow-up visits and attention to your health for the first 90 days after you leave the hospital are crucial to your well-being. Your Respiratory Case Manager makes regular home visits, communicates frequently with your doctor, manages your in-home respiratory therapy (if needed), provides nurse and caregiver training, goes with you to doctor appointments, and provides many other services you may need to ensure your successful recovery.  Disease self-management skills, medication and equipment training, smoking cessation, physical activity, and health education are some of the training needs that must be addressed in order to guarantee that you will not return to the hospital in the near future.
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From Hospital to Home:
Easing the Transition for Respiratory Patients and Their Caregivers