Respiratory Case Management

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Select Respiratory Services supports your organization’s efforts during the transition of high-risk cardiopulmonary patients to home with an array of Case Management services.

During the transition process, we provide:

  • Interviews of patients and their caregivers
  • Residence surveys
  • Cardiopulmonary patient assessments
  • Participation in the development of the post-transition care plan
  • Recommendations for specialized support and care
  • Coordination of communication among care providers
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Follow-up appointment confirmations
  • Home care and other referrals as needed

During the 90-day post-transition period, our flexible, customized services include:

  • Communication & coordination with other members of the home health/home care services
  • Development of a Respiratory Home Care Plan
  • Hands-on respiratory care & pulmonary rehabilitation at home
  • Regular home visits by a respiratory case manager
  • Extensive caregiver training and disease self-management education
  • Ongoing medication reconciliation
  • Accompanying patients to doctor appointments
  • Smoking cessation intervention
  • Facilitation of the prompt enrollment in outpatient cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation, when indicated

By giving careful consideration to our patients’ unique cardiopulmonary requirements, Select Respiratory Services ensures that all potential gaps in care are eliminated, easing the transition from hospital to home for patients and their caregivers.

By focusing on what happens after patients leave your facility, we continue your efforts to enhance recovery, safety, peace of mind, and quality of life for our patients.

For more information on how Select Respiratory Services can support your efforts to seamlessly and successfully transition your patients from your hospital, please Contact Us or call 916.805.5119 for more information.

From Hospital to Home:
Easing the Transition for Respiratory Patients and Their Caregivers