Respiratory Health Advocacy

Private, professional health advocates are defined as those advocates who work directly for patients, their families and caregivers, and not through an intermediary such as a hospital, insurer, or other person or organization that may have conflicting interests (Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, 2014). Private Respiratory Health Advocates represent those who need assistance with their breathing disorders.  Also called “Respiratory Patient Advocates,” we can help you in many different ways, but in general we help you “navigate” through today’s complicated health care system.  If you have a breathing problem and do not know where to turn for help, a private Respiratory Health Advocate from Select Respiratory Services can act on your behalf.  Our expert assistance ensures that you will be well-informed about your options and will receive the best care Happy Elder Lady and Nursepossible.

At Select Respiratory Services, we advocate for you in a variety of ways.  If you or a loved one becomes hospitalized,  you are about to be discharged from the hospital, were recently diagnosed with a breathing disorder, need help understanding your medical records, want assistance with your medications or medical equipment, want someone to go with you to a medical appointment, or just can’t figure out how to get what you need to control your breathing, Select Respiratory Services will help you every step of the way.  Your private Respiratory Health Advocate ensures that your best interests are protected, medical errors are prevented, and you are well informed as you make your way through the healthcare system.
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From Hospital to Home:
Easing the Transition for Respiratory Patients and Their Caregivers