Respiratory Transition Case Management

If you are about to be discharged from a hospital or other facility, our Respiratory Transition Case Management services is there for you. When you are ready to go home, we work with other members of your transition team to make sure that everything goes smoothly and your recovery is not interrupted. We advocate for you by ensuring that there is always clear communication with your doctors and other members of the medical team.  Respiratory Therapists are available 24/7 so that you, your family, and caregivers are well supported.

Because it is critical to your ongoing recovery, Select Respiratory Services makes sure that all necessary equipment, supplies, and services are in place before you go home, and that you are discharged at the appropriate time.  We assess you, interview you and your caregivers, conduct a Home Safety Evaluation, and offer practical suggestions about issues such as the location of grounded outlets, where to store oxygen tanks, and whether the home has adequate circuits to support advanced medical equipment. More importantly, we train nurses and other caregivers so they are fully prepared when you get to your destination.

With Select Respiratory Services, your Respiratory Case Manager gives careful consideration to important information regarding your special medical requirements, support structure, and unique social, cultural, and religious influences that may affect the care you wish to receive.   We work closely with you and your family, caregivers, and physicians to provide a comprehensive Care Plan that focuses on your highest possible quality of life, safety, and peace of mind.  Our services are flexible and customized to meet your unique and changing needs.

During the 90-day post-transition period, your Respiratory Case Manager makes regular home visits, communicates frequently with your physician, manages your in-home respiratory therapy (if needed), provides extensive nurse and caregiver training, goes with you to doctor appointments and provides many other services you may need to ensure your successful recovery.

Select Respiratory Services fills the gaps in quality patient care by empowering people and institutions with the tools they need to manage chronic cardiopulmonary disorders and keep patients out of the hospital.

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