Beverly Zimmerman July 2015What I like best about the therapists at Select Respiratory Services is that they are serious about their work, but they can be fun at the same time. My respiratory care practitioner, Tina, is very positive all of the time, and genuinely cares about me. I would still be sick and in and out of the hospital and never would have known about all of the different things I can do to stay well if it was not for Select Respiratory Services.

— Beverly Zimmerman, Sacramento, California

The best thing about Select Respiratory Services is the confidence I have in their ability to get the job done right. The respiratory therapists are knowledgeable, dependable, compassionate, patient, and sympathetic to the needs of my wife. They listen and give her the opportunity to talk and express her concerns and questions. Select Respiratory Services has relieved me of my worries about the care my wife is getting. Knowing she is getting the best care possible, I can highly recommend SRS to anyone interested in quality service.

— Art Zimmerman, Beverly’s Husband and Primary caregiver


I would like to express to you my complete support of Victoria Florentine, and her company Select Respiratory Services.  We had used her and her company on a consultation basis to start our Pulmonary Wellness program.  Her knowledge base and attention to detail helped form a strong foundation for our department.  Her willingness to research best practices, and communicate with peers, was a welcomed asset.  She communicated with me on a regular basis and kept me up to speed on the progress.  Her other skills such as a smoking cessation counselor will also be an important factor for when we start our smoking cessation program.
I am very pleased with what Victoria and Select Respiratory Services provided us.  Our program is successful, and will continue to be because of the hard work Victoria did.

— Christopher Giambruno, Director of Cardiopulmonary, NeuroDiagnostics, & Clinical Lab, Dignity Woodland Healthcare

Jim DurhamFrequently as a patient we feel like a number and not a person.  Victoria has a sincere way of connecting on a personal level, and shows genuine concern.  I am confident that she has great expertise in her field.
— Jim Durham, Music Director & Conductor, Maui Pops

Thank you again for all your help and assistance.  Our appointment time with you made a long day more pleasant and worthwhile.

— Ann Marie B., Auburn, California

George Visger Victoria Florentine

I’ve battled traumatic brain injury induced sleep apnea for over 33 years after developing hydrocephalus and surviving emergency VP Shunt brain surgery while playing for the 1981 SF 49ers Super Bowl championship team. Now on brain surgery # 9 and for the first time I am actually receiving treatment for my sleep issues. For years, all I ever got was one prescription after another, none of which worked.  Victoria prepared an individualized Sleep Hygiene Program for me, and for the first time in decades I’m sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours a night in several different time frames.  And no drugs involved!!  God Bless You Vick

— George Visger, Former NFL Player SF 49’ers 1980 & 1981, Cypress, California

I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me and also making sure my husband’s questions were answered.

— Alexis K., Green Valley, Arizona

Bruce Dearing my leadership role innovating SJVC’s programmatic performance across several California campuses, it was my privilege to mentor Victoria as she entered the world of higher education. Even for someone as experienced, skilled, and gifted as Ms. Florentine, the ability to effectively teach an advanced healthcare profession to achieve advanced student learning outcomes, with a diverse student population, is more the exception than rule. Victoria’s can-do attitude and desire to be an excellent teacher has helped her accomplish this remarkably fast, all the while giving her students what probably means the most in today’s world – heart.

–Dale Dearing, MSc., RRT, RCP, Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, Antigua

Thank you for all your kind teaching and assistance.  I really appreciate all your help.

— Yolanda T., Sacramento, California

Dennis LoftisThree years after she left the home care company where she first took care of me, Victoria dropped everything when I called her for help.  She met us on the other side of town on a Saturday morning to help me with my broken CPAP equipment. She was relentless and didn’t stop trying to help me until I was satisfied. She went above and beyond the call of duty, so I highly recommend her services.

— Dennis Loftis, Roseville, California

Thank you for providing the time and effort.  I was excited to learn the new technique you taught me.  It really improved my respiratory and sleeping performance.  I feel more motivated, energized, and most of all, happy!  Again, thank you.  You provided a positive impact in my life. Your service, trust, and professionalism are a winning combination.

— Raul L., Sacramento, California

Tommy MemoloVictoria has demonstrated the utmost in professionalism and passion for her patients and family members. Victoria has a heartfelt concern for the overall recovery and long term outcome of her clients. Select Respiratory Services has the insight to promote the ongoing need for outpatient care to keep re-admissions next to none.

— Tommy Memolo, RCP, CPT, CCP, Rawlinson Legal Nurse Consultants & Associates LLC, Tampa, Florida

The instruction provided by Victoria in the classroom was invaluable. She was knowledgeable, well prepared, and willing to answer any question. She held a high standard and was clearly focused on helping students achieve success. Victoria’s creativity and flexibility in the classroom created an atmosphere that was both interesting and enjoyable.

— Anita White, RRT, Sacramento, California

It was a pleasure having Victoria Anjanette-Smith-in-the-middle-copy-150x150 as an instructor, whose style is forward and progressive, always providing something unexpected.  She is extremely knowledgeable and relates personal stories from her years in the clinical world to her lesson. She not only taught us in a way so that we entirely understood a subject, she truly wanted us to exceed our limits and become professionals. Her grace and optimism under trying times is a rarity.

— Anjanette Smith, RCP, Sutter Health, Folsom, California

Aurora-M-70x70It is a sincere pleasure to speak words of praise about Victoria Florentine and it is with immense gratitude that I say she is a dignified, well-educated and kindhearted individual. I have known Ms. Florentine for about three years now and for two years she was my instructor, my mentor and a wonderful asset to my education. Victoria is a wealth of knowledge with a sincere passion for her chosen field, and it shows through her dedication to her work and devotion to her students’ education. As my instructor, she was not only knowledgeable, diligent, and fair but she made class enjoyable with her fun and exuberant personality.  She was always punctual, well prepared and confident in her instruction, which was not only refreshing, but also, reassuring that we were learning from a truly experienced RT professional.  Ms. Florentine was a great instructor, and I am very thankful to have been exposed to her abundant knowledge of Respiratory Care.

— Aurora Maestas, RCP, RRT, Sutter Health, Sacramento, California

Beryl-Mayne-150x150Ms. Victoria Florentine was a pleasure to work with while I was employed at Sutter/ Timberlake Respiratory Care & Home Medical Equipment Company, 2006 – 2009.  She was not only an exceptional therapist but a great educator in the business of Respiratory care and rehabilitation. I highly recommend her, and she will be an asset wherever her career takes her.

— Beryl Mayne, RCP, American Red Cross, Auburn, California

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